ritratto jochen pm

My name is Jochen Andreas Zeh and I was born in Germany in 1960.

Since I was a child I have been mainly curious.
Curious about everything, this aspect accompanies me to this day and stimulates me to be interested in many things and to learn on many fronts.

I’ll tell you about it below.

After compulsory school and high school, I attended a three-year course in accountancy, industrial administration and marketing and graduated.

Since 2004 Wooden Glasses Project I developed this project from the first steps until today with the same passion.
I personally follow the processing stages starting from the choice of materials, gluing, bending of wood.

The design is the most fascinating part.

I am a designer and a craftsman, so for me the design cannot be separated from the processing.

I realize projects for Woo Class Atelier, I build models and prototypes, up to the production and sale of one-off and small numbered series

My goal is to make glasses in the most natural way possible and  my motto is
“If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, let my glasses be the frame.”


Hobbies & Interest

I like cooking and drinking a glass of red wine.
I enjoy moments of pure idleness.
I like playing video games.
I like gardening and enjoying the countryside where I live.
When I don’t know the origin of something, I do my best to inform myself so as not to remain ignorant!
Study, study study!