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Created: 18 Set 2021 / Categories: Senza categoria

This is me in my Atelier workshop.

This photo was taken during a chat with a group of photographers from Mantua who came to Florence to visit me and discover my work.

Ph. Roberta Vagliani



ritratto JO

The album that changed my life

Created: 19 Ago 2021 / Categories: Music, Story

This is the album that revolutionised my life. And what’s is your?

Lab 29 This is the place where I work.

Created: 07 Mag 2021 / Categories: Lab, Story

Someday I will tell you the story of this older convent.Today it is a place of work for artists and artisans.

I am German, but I love to cook Italian! My recipe for “COLD SUMMER PASTA”

Created: 19 Mag 2016 / Categories: Food

Ingredients: ripe san Marzano tomatoes from Calabria fresh garlic mozzarella di bufala garden basil EVO oil salt, pfeffer bronze drawn, I prefer fusilli (short pasta anyway…) Preparation ...