1983-1986 Natursteinwerk Lothar Franke and Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken
Nuremberg and Bayreuth
Three-year course: stonemason/sculptor in the field of construction and restoration, graduated.
Advanced courses: sculpture, restoration.

1980-1983 Siemens SpA
Assistant sales manager

1986 Feicht Natursteine SpA
Trainee trainer in the field of replacement restoration;
measuring and surveying on site,
technical drawing of reconstruction,
execution of the stonework according to plan and placement on site
and installation on site.

1986 Bärlocher, Steinbruch und Steinhauerei SpA
Staad/S. Gallen, Switzerland
Production manager
programming the numerically controlled milling machine
training pupils in the execution of professional stonework
restoration and sculpture works

1987-1988 Fratelli Cappelli s.n.c.
Restoration work, site manager Uffizi Portico
Cloister of the Dead in SS. Annunziata
(restoration of architraves and stone superstructures)

1988-1991 P.T. Color s.r.l.
Restoration works including:
Palazzo Altoviti known as “dei Visacci”, 16th century
White marble and slate busts representing famous people,
White marble bust representing Cosimo I de’Medici
Author: Baccio Valori
Uffizi Gallery, exterior, main façade, white marble sculptural group representing Cosimo I between the allegories of Rigour and Fairness,
underlying Medici coat of arms, 16th century
Authors: Giambologna, Vincenzo Danti,
Student training, development of intervention methodology, site organisation.

1992-1994 Collaborations with
Grazia Ventura, Restorer, Florence
Stone restoration interventions
consolidation of decorated plasterwork.

1995-1996 Church of St. Jodock (1446-1480)
Überlingen on Lake Constance, Germany

Responsible and coordinator of the restoration. Coordination of the conservative and restorative restoration as agreed upon with the then superintendent in charge of cultural heritage conservation of the state of Baden-Wuertenberg Dr. Caesar, technical drawings for the reconstruction, preparatory drawings for the production of the stone artefacts, coordination of the workforce, periodic reporting to the client and the superintendent, control of production and deadlines, final report and handover of the work.

1997-2001 Collaboration with
Frosini Pietre s.r.l. Lastra a Signa (FI)
Technical consultant, restorer.
Development of a methodology for the permanent bonding of stone blocks to be transformed into artefacts, development of a methodology for the ageing of stone and marble artefacts, both chromatically and on the surfaces, to reduce the visual impact in the case of replacement on old buildings or to create a faux old style
analysis of production methods and flow and proposals for improvement, site surveys, demonstration drawings for ustomers and technical drawings for production, restoration work, student trainer.

2001-2007 Archipendolo furniture and design company
Owner Borgo San Lorenzo
Furniture consultancy with particular attention to bio-building, design of customised furniture and unique pieces, coordination of their production and installation.

Since 2004 Wooden Glasses Project


Jochen Andreas Zeh graduated in 1986 from the three-year course in stone sculpture and restoration at the Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken in Bayreuth.
From 1983 to 1986 he took part in the following restorative and conservative restoration projects:

Church of St. Sebald, 13th century Church of St. Laurence, 14th – 15th century Church of St. Jobst, 15th century Church of St. Aegidius, 18th century Interior and Exterior

Nuremberg, facades of several monumental buildings from the 19th century Schwabach/Nuremberg, farmhouse, facades, 14th century


Teacher of restorative restoration at Feicht Natursteine to students of the sculpture and restoration course.

St. George’s Cathedral Work

Participation in the conservative and restorative restoration, maintenance and control work in the tradition of the Cathedral Work.

Staad/S. St. Gallen, Switzerland

Performed management functions as production manager for the company Bärlocher, Steinbruch und Steinhauerei AG including:
Site measurements
Design and graphic surveys
Technical drawings of sculptures
Realisation of sculptural works for the reintegration of the ornaments of 19th century buildings

Appenzell, Switzerland

Conservative and restorative restoration of the façade of the Old Post Office building, 15th century

Since 1987 he has worked in Florence, where he has participated in the following restoration projects

Church of the SS. Annunziata, Cloister of the Dead
Column bases and well in pietra serena
Marble tomb slabs, 16th – 17th century

Uffizi, Portico, Portals and Windows, 16th century

Coordination of works
Removal of split architectural and ornamental elements from the site

Ponte Vecchio, Palazzetto, South façade, 14th century

Structural consolidation

Palazzo Altoviti known as ‘dei Visacci’, 16th century

White marble and slate busts representing famous people White marble bust representing Cosimo I de’ Medici Author: Baccio Valori


Church of the Holy Apostles, external bell tower, 15th century

Coordination of cleaning, plastering and consolidation operations

Giardino Torrigiani, Portal, Terracotta frieze, 17th-18th century


Palazzo Serristori, interior, Marble and majolica fireplace, 18th century

Treatment of marble with microcrystalline wax

Palazzo Michelozzi, interior, black and white marble statue of Diana the Huntress, 18th-19th century

Private villa, floral painting of glazed terracotta tiles, 18th century

Removal from the site
Reassembly of individual split tiles
Reintegration plastering
Pictorial restoration
Reassembly of the painting on a special metal support

Church of S. Giuliano a Settimo, interior, baptismal font in pietra serena, 16th century


Palazzo Leader, loggia, pietra serena fireplace, 16th century

Headquarters C. R. di Pisa in Florence, interior, mosaic floor, Venetian style, 17th century

Work performed:
Reinstatement with coloured marble tesserae according to the traditional procedure

Uffizi Gallery, exterior, main façade, white marble sculpture group representing Cosimo I between the allegories of Rigour and Fairness and the Medici coat of arms below, 16th century
Authors: Giambologna, Vincenzo Danti

Work performed:
Removal of loose parts
Removal of old copper pins and their replacement with stainless steel with a reversible system
Repositioning of removed parts
Final treatment with microcrystalline wax

Palazzo Cocchi then Serristori, façade, 15th century Attributed to Giuliano da Sangallo


Boboli Gardens, Madama’s Grotto, 16th century

Church of St. Mark, exterior, white marble group of sculptures of the Lion of St. Mark, putto with garland and angel, 18th century

Preliminary tests

Palazzo Uguccioni in Piazza della Signoria Florence, facade, 16th century Attributed to the School of Raffaello

Preliminary studies for restoration (survey of the state of conservation, proposal for intervention)
Cleaning and plastering tests
Consolidation tests
Removal or pivoting of unsafe parts

Church of San Lorenzo, Montevarchi, 18th-century white and coloured marble altar screen

Removal of marble tanning from site
Coordination of the consolidation of the pietra serena supporting structure
Cleaning the marble
Reassembly of split parts
Replacing the ashlar
Final treatment